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REACH Funding 2023 (formerly MAEDF funding) Administered by Louth and Meath Education and Training Board



The aim of the Reach fund (formerly MAEDF) is to provide funding to support educationally disadvantaged learners in accessing and participating in community education. It aims to increase the participation of disadvantaged learners, particularly those who are undertaking literacy and skills programmes. The fund has a strong focus on building the digital infrastructure of community education providers, including providing devices and software, and increasing their capacity to deliver learning. The fund was specifically designed to tackle inequalities and support access to community education, and also intended to address specific actions in the Adult Literacy for Life (ALL) Strategy to target funding on access to technology and devices, expand community access to wi-fi and broadband resources and to directly address unmet literacy needs.


Overarching Principles of the Fund

The purpose of the Reach fund is to assist ETBs to increase their capacity and that of community education providers to address the decline in participation of disadvantaged learners particularly those on literacy and basic skills programmes at NFQ levels 1 to 3. The fund places a strong focus on community education as a mechanism to continue to support and engage with disadvantaged learners. In addition, there is a focus on enabling the investment in building the digital infrastructure of providers and their capability to ensure that online learning/blended learning can be delivered in a way that meets the complex needs of learners. Proposed projects should have no adverse impact on existing services or provision funded through the ETB.


Administration of the Reach Grant

LMETB are responsible for the administration and management of funding within its region. Funds are allocated by SOLAS to LMETB under the Reach Fund programme. LMETB must be satisfied that any onward grants comply with all statutory, European Union and other obligations that apply and as set out in the SOLAS.



Approved funding allocation for any activity under the Reach Fund must;

(a) Be used for specific purpose intended
(b) Be expended for by 2023 year-end
(c) Not be used for any pay costs or costs of a recurring nature
(d) Be compliant with Circular DPR 13/14 governing the payment of grants
(e) A Tax Registration Number for the grantee organisation must accompany each application
(f) Maintenance of records of expenditure and production of same for audit purposes.


Application Process and Requirements

LMETB wish to invite Managers of Community Education Provision to make application under the criteria above — 1.00pm on Friday 22nd September 2023


Eligible Funding Criteria

ETBs to manage the application process and should consider for funding, proposals that meet the funding categories as set out below

  1. Innovative green projects.
  2. Projects focused on increasing participation in learning with target cohorts.
  3. Events/awareness campaigns that contribute to equality policy and legislation.
  4. In line with the ALL strategy, specific actions that;
    • directly address those experiencing unmet literacy needs
    • target funding on access to technology and devices
    • expand community access to Wi-Fi and broadband resource
  5. Community groups in pre-development phase to support the most marginalised and disadvantaged groups
  6. Support for refugee groups to support education and training delivery and promote/ support cultural and social inclusion, including research and/or needs analysis.


LMETB would welcome applications from the following two target cohort groupings:

List of priority/specific target cohorts:

  • Long term unemployed
  • Young people
  • People with disabilities
  • Members of the Traveller and Roma communities
  • Migrants and Refugees
  • Women wishing to return to the labour market
  • Lone parents

List of ‘ALL strategy’ target cohorts:

  • Older adults (55+)
  • Members of the traveller community
  • People with disabilities
  • One-parent households
  • Low paid workers
  • Careers Long-term unemployed
  • Migrants International protected applicants
  • People with language needs
  • Incarcerated persons and ex-offenders
  • Persons recovering from addiction.

Applications must be made on the attached form and returned to the following email address: [email protected]

Applications must be received by 1.00pm on Friday 22nd September 2023

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