We cater for 30,000 students across
the Louth and Meath region

LMETB is committed to excellence
and innovation in the education of
young people and adults


The purpose of the AMTCE is to provide training on state-of-the-art equipment and processes which will underpin the transition of Irish companies to industry 4.0 based operations. The centre provides a dynamic catalogue of training course which are tuned to the needs of industry and delivered by leading industry training practitioners.

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Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB) was formed in 2013 through the amalgamation of Louth and Meath VECs. It is one of the largest ETBs in the country employing over 2,400 staff and providing education for 11,700 students at Primary, Secondary and Post Leaving Certificate level and 20,000 beneficiaries in Further Education and Training.

Second-level Schools

Post Leaving Certificate Colleges

Community National Schools

Youthreach Centres

Further Education Centres

VTOS Centres

18 second level schools (including one shared campus with PLC provision), 4 Community National Schools, 1 Centre for European Schooling, 2 Post Leaving Certificate Colleges, 1 Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence, 1 Regional Skills and Training Centre, 8 Youthreach Centres, Further Education and Training Services in 7 multi-use FET centres and a range of Community and Youth Education and Training Services.

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The LMETB Network

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6th year Art students had a brilliant day visiting Newgrange at Bru na Boinne yesterday. Writing and illustrating visual studies essays will be much easier after our visit. #newgrange #visualstudies #CDL

A historic day for our Board of Management who got the opportunity to visit our new build and see how it is progressing.
The B.O.M. along with the whole school community look forward to the completion of the different sections and moving into our new school.

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