Ashbourne Youthreach

Centre Overview

Ashbourne Youthreach has been running since 1998 and is a 35 place centre. The ethos of the Ashbourne Youthreach programme is founded on: mutual respect, co-operation, exploration and innovation, achievement and certification and fun!

The most important thing that we want you to know is that the young people of Ashbourne Youthreach are our priority. We want the best for them. We want them to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We want to help them to succeed and be the best that they can be. This is why Ashbourne Youthreach exists.


Alan Larkin is the Coordinator of the programme since 2011.

Resource Staff

Aaron Fowler teaches Art and Work Experience.

Priscilla Keating teaches Science, Social Education, Maths and Sport and Recreation.

Programmes on Offer

Learners in Ashbourne Youthreach have the opportunity to participate in the following programmes:


FETAC Level 3
FETAC Level4
Training Opportunities and Certification (such as First Aid, Manual Handling and Fire Safety Training)
Work Experience
Relationship and Sexual Education
Work Related Training Programmes
Community Based Projects.
The programmes will also include Individual Learning Plans, Guidance and Counselling.
A Progression Programme is also offered to learners who are moving on from the Centre to attend college or work.


Learners are expected to be in the Centre from 9 o’clock each morning.

Finishing time:


4pm (Monday to Thursday)
1pm (Fridays)


The day is broken down as follows:


There are several meals provided throughout the day. Lunches are prepared by the learners. Sample lunch menus include: Chicken Wraps, Lasagne and Salad, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Curry and Rice, Salad Bar, Chicken vol-au-vents.

Criteria for Entry

Youthreach is a programme for young people aged between 15 and 20 years. Young people need to be either out of mainstream school or be referred to Youthreach by other agencies. Youthreach may also consider young people who are deemed as being at risk of early school leaving, but this is only decided after communication with the school, the young person, their parent/guardian and other interested parties. Some of the areas that will be considered here are challenging behaviour, change or conflict at home, health issues. Young people who are deemed to be coping in mainstream may not be considered for a place in Youthreach.

It is important also to note that young people coming into Youthreach are expected to demonstrate a willingness to engage in all aspect of the programme. They are required to be self-motivated and have the capacity to work within a group and demonstrate self-directed learning. They need to fit in with the existing groups in the Centre. They need to be able to follow direction from management and tutors and they need to show an ability to work without causing disruption to those around them. It is also essential that they are respectful to those around them and want to work well with others.

Parental support is also an integral part of Youthreach and all parents/ guardians will be expected to participate actively with the Centre. Youthreach may also request drug testing for any applicant expressing an interest in joining the programme. All places issued to new applicants are on a probation/ trial basis and the young person will need to demonstrate that they have the interest, willingness and aptitude to engage fully in the programme.

The contract of Commitments is signed by all students on commencement on the programme. It is the code of behaviour for all students.

Contract of Commitments

As a student on the Ashbourne Youthreach programme, I commit to the following:


Respecting all staff, students and the building.
Attending every day and contacting the centre if I am unable to attend due to an appointment or illness.
Working hard and participating in all parts of the programme.
Not using my mobile phone or personal music player (e.g. ipod, iphone) during class time.
Being drugs free for the duration of my time on the programme, engaging in counselling when necessary and obtaining a drug test if requested.
Participating in general housekeeping plans such as the clean-up rota for the kitchen etc.


The Youthreach programme is co-funded by the Irish Government, the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative as part of the ESF Programme for Employability Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.

Contact Details

Ashbourne Youthreach
Unit 140 Ashbourne Ind. Estate,
Co. Meath
Tel: 01-8359085
Facebook: Ashbourne Youthreach