Peace III Projects

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 Diverse Leaders Project

LMETB’s Diverse Leaders’ Project proposes to build and extend the capacity of minority groups within Co. Louth.  The project aims to foster such groups’ engagement and participation with the wider community as a means of increasing civic participation across Co. Louth.  The project is supported by the European Union’s Peace III Programme as awarded by Louth Peace and Reconciliation Partnership. The Diverse Leaders’ Project will incorporate a series of workshops aimed at enhancing the capacity for peace building among minority groups.  It will comprise resource allocations to allow for the realisation of groups’ own projects, as well as peace building and civic leadership training programmes to promote the integration of minority groups.

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 Peace of Art Project

Louth & Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB) successfully applied to the EU PEACE III Programme, administered by the Co. Louth Peace and Reconciliation Partnership, to deliver the Peace of Art Project under Phase 2 of the Peace III Programme. The LMETB recognised that the arts offered a unique set of tools for transforming conflict in a manner which was innovative, inclusive and safe. Therefore, the primary focus of the Peace of Art Project was to encourage artists and community based art groups to extend their working practices, activities and dissemination of work to include minority communities as a method of negating racism and sectarianism in the county. The aim was to  increase awareness and appreciation of other communities through the medium of art and increased understanding of diversity, identity and conflict resolution within the wider community. LMETB encouraged the professional and community based art sector to use their talents, skills and resources with the designated PEACE III target groups to develop a “Peace of Art”. Displaced people, political prisoners and ethnic minorities were just some of the target groups that were directly involved in these innovative projects. The 15 projects that were awarded resources through PEACE of Art, aimed to address themes of sectarianism, racism and peace by using various mediums of art. These included a broad spectrum of Arts: four Music projects, four film related projects, three drama projects, a creative writing project (also featuring Photography), one Print, one Photographic and a Sculpture project. The Peace of Art Project was offered an extension to the existing programme from January 2014 to December 2014. For more information on the SEUPB please visit

LMETB’s PEACE III Project ran from May 2012 to September 2014

Contact Details

Peace III Co-Ordinator:  Eamonn Quinn
LMETB Administrative Offices,
Chapel Street,
Co. Louth

Tel: 042 9334047