Project Title:    Adults with a Learning Disability – Observatory of Best Practice

Project Number:    543065-LLP-1-2013-1-IE-KA4-KA4MP

ALDO-Logo-PPLThe ALDO (Adults with a Learning Disability, Observatory of Best Practise) project will instigate a series of European research studies to identify successful educational projects in the area ICT in education and training of disabled people.

The project will develop an appropriate and robust assessment mechanism to evaluate these based on especially defined criteria. It will provide a virtual laboratory for teachers and trainers who work in this area to support them in engaging with the best practice models identified and will produce a good practice guide.

There are a number of innovative aspects in the design of the ALDO project and these include:

  1. Identifying the most appropriate approaches for the named target groups focusing on how and why project developers pursued their objectives.
  2. Establishing Assessment Groups to examine previous models developed and validate best practice mechanisms and resources.
  3. Conducting research in all EU Member States ensuring that the best available examples are identified and made available for future use.
  4. Developing a social media resource to engage teachers and trainers who work in the area of education and training for adults with a disability encouraging them to share best practice.

The consortium is made up of the following organisations;

P1.          LMETB                 Ireland
P2.          CARDET              Cyprus
P3.          GIE                       Romania
P4.          ELC                       Austria
P5.          EASPD                 Belgium
P6.          FUERM               Spain

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