St Oliver’s Community College

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

St. Oliver’s Community College was built in 1980 and currently caters for 1280 students in a multi-denominational, co-educational setting. There has been significant growth in student numbers over the past six years rising from 1019 students in 2008. Students from Drogheda and the surrounding towns and villages attend the College. The College has always adhered to an open enrolment policy for all students that wish to enrol as first year students.

The College has high expectations of all students with a highly qualified and enthusiastic team of teachers to ensure succeess with academic monitoring of all students by form teacher, Year Head and Class Head teams. The widest range of subjects are offered and maintained to higher Leaving Certificate level. St. Oliver’s students have been awarded the prestigious All-Ireland scholarship award in each of the past four years.

St. Oliver’s Community College is situated on a large 23 acre site in the Rathmullan area of Drogheda. Extensive sports facilities are available on site and in the adjacent leisure park and swimming pool. The College has a significant tradition in sports with international soccer players and members of the Louth GAA team as former students. Additional extra-curricular activities include drama, musicals, chess, debating, subject clubs and reading club. It is the South Louth centre for Co. Louth’s Music Generation Project. Specialised facilities in science labs, technological rooms, art rooms, home economics rooms allow for the widest range of subjects to be offered and maintained to Leaving Certificate level. The College has a recent extension dedicated to the pastoral development of all students centred around the evolution of the unique ‘suaimhneas’ room where students and staff have a quiet area to reflect, contemplate and deal with the stresses of modern life. It is expected that all staff and students will maintain an a safe environment of respect for all.

St. Oliver’s has a tradition of innovation in ICT. As well as computers, wired network points and projectors in each room, the College was selected as a pilot school for the NCTE 100MB broadband scheme and has a wireless network throughout the building and is the centre for computer programming club ‘coder dojo’. Our pilot project for LCA students to enhance their learning with IT devices has been developed.

In accordance with its mission statement “St. Oliver’s Community College aspires to provide a just and caring environment in which we all achieve our potential”. Support is allocated in a variety of forms including team teaching, withdrawal, groupwork, one-to-one counselling and EAL support. The College is a centre for the School Completion Programme, has two Guidance Counsellors and HSCL officer. The College offers JCSP, LCAP, LCVP and TY as well as the traditional Junior and Leaving Certificate.

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