Centre for European Schooling

The Centre for European Schooling (CES) Dunshaughlin is an Accredited European School. The CES opened on 1 September 2002 and is entirely devoted to the education of children who would be considered Category I students in a European School.

Our students are enrolled at St. Seachnall’s National School and Dunshaughlin Community College and attend the CES for Language I, Language II and Language III classes (and also European Hour & Ethics in primary school).

European Schools’ curricula are taught in all languages. In addition, elements of the curricula of European Schools are used for European Hour and Ethics. Students follow mainstream curricula for all other subjects and take the Irish State examinations at the end of Third and Sixth Year.

Contact Details

Centre for European Schooling
Co Meath

Tel: +353 1 825 9679
Email: ces@lmetb.ie

Website: www.europeanschooling.eu

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