Ard Rí Community National School

Ard Rí Community NS was established in September 2010 in the clubhouse of Navan Rugby Club. We are now located in our own building on the grounds of the rugby club.

Our school community has grown steadily over the years, enrolling one class of Junior Infants in each year of development. We now have 111 students. We have created an entirely inclusive and respectful learning environment were all children feel valued and nurtured in their development. There is an amazing sense of community at the school.

Ard Rí CNS is first and foremost a school. Our main aim is to provide the best quality education to the children in our care. Our aim is that all our children will reach their own potential in everything they. Children of all religious beliefs and none have those beliefs nourished within the school day. Our starting point in everything we do is not what separates us but rather what we have in common; which provides an infinitely stronger basis on which to develop a learning community. The principles of active tolerance and mutual respect are the cornerstones on which our school community is built.

Ard Rí Community National School is a caring place where each child is welcomed, respected, cherished and facilitated in reaching their full potential. We strive for the holistic development of each child and expose children to as many positive learning experiences as possible throughout each school day.

Ard Rí CNS is a learning community where children, staff, parents and community members learn in ways that are stimulating and appropriate to their needs in the 21st Century. We seek to ensure that all members of the school community work in partnership with the best interest of pupils at heart.

At Ard Rí Community NS we believe that happy children learn well. We are delighted to say Ard Rí is a very happy place!!

Contact Details

Ard Rí Community National School
Balreask Old
Co Meath

Tel: 087 134 1007

Twitter: Ard Ri Community NS
You Tube: Ard Ri CNS

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