LMETB Policies & Procedures

The following are the policies approved by Louth and Meath Education and Training Board. Please click on the link to access the document:

Administration of Medicines

Bullying Prevention Policy – Complaint Procedure for ETB Staff

CCTV Policy incl. Privacy Notice

Charter for Internal Audit

Child Safeguarding Statement – Music Generation Louth

Code of Conduct for Board Members of LMETB

Code of Conduct for Staff Members of LMETB

Complaints Procedure and Guidance Notes

Data Breach Protocol

Data Protection Policy (incl. Privacy Notices)

Dignity in the Workplace Charter

Disciplinary Procedure for Staff employed by Education and Training Boards

Educational Tours and Field Trips

Electronic-Cigarettes – Use of on LMETB Premises

Equality and Diversity Policy

Fraud – Policy Statement on Fraud & Corruption

Garda Vetting Policy

Grievance Procedure for Staff employed by Education and Training Boards

Harassment/Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy –Complaint Procedure for ETB Staff

Hospitality and Gifts Policy

ICT Acceptable Usage Policy and Procedures

Privacy Notice Employees-Volunteers- Board Members-Committee Members etc.

Privacy Notice-Students – Parents/Guardians

Procurement Policy

Protected Disclosures Policy

Records Management Policy

Risk Management Policy

Safety and Health Statement of Policy

Smoking on ETB properties – Addendum to ETB Policy

Statement of Policy on Disclosure of Interests for LMETB Members

Statement of Policy on disclosure of interests for LMETB staff

Suspension and Expulsion Policy and Procedures

Use of Facilities

Volunteering and Work Experience