LMETB Top Scholars Honoured in Prestigious Ceremony

September 26, 2016

Scholars from all over Louth and Meath converged at Colaiste na Mi in Navan with their proud parents and families to celebrate outstanding achievements in this year’s Leaving Certificate. The school hall was festooned, the na Mi music ensemble and choir were in place and refreshments awaited guests. Engineers, doctors and scientists of the future cut lectures to take their place at the podium and hear splendid commendations.

The annual presentation of Academic Awards for the students from each of the LMETB schools and centres who had achieved the highest academic grades was made by CEO of LMETB Mr. Martin G O’Brien and Education and Leadership Officer, Ms. Elizabeth Lavery. A very well attended awards ceremony saw students from both Louth and Meath receive beautiful specially engraved cut-glass awards marking their achievements.

In all, 38 presentations of were made with students representing LMETB’s schools and centres. Schools and centres from Louth included Scoil Uí Mhuirí, O’Fiaich College, Youthreach Dundalk, VTOS Dundalk, Bush Post Primary, Youthreach Drogheda, VTOS Drogheda and St. Oliver’s Community College Drogheda.

Schools and centres from Meath included St. Fintina’s Post Primary, St Peter’s College Dunboyne, Coláiste na hInse, Beaufort College, Youth Reach Progression Navan, VTOS Navan, Dunshaughlin Community College, Ratoath College, O’ Carolan College and St. Oliver Post Primary Oldcastle.

School Principals made short speeches of commendation for each student.  The Principals told how their students attain the highest levels possible and yet retain an all-round balance. They described the contribution the students had made to their schools and how they excelled not only in academics but also on the sport’s field, in voluntary activity and as colleagues with their fellow students.



Front row (l to r); Aideen McCabe, Dunshaughlin Community College, Holly Kavanagh, St. Fintina’s Longwood, Irene McDonnell, St. Oliver’s Community College, Drogheda, Ciara Brown, St Oliver pp, Oldcastle, Grace O’Reilly , O’ Carolan College, NobberMartin O’Brien, CEO LMETB, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB,  Damien O’Reilly, LMETB,  Wayne Harding, LMETB, Faith Keegan, Coláiste na hInse, Laytown, Ciara Ruane, St Peter’s College, Dunboyne.

Middle row (l to r);   Cian O’Donnell, Dunshaughlin Community College, Ben Ó hEarchaí, Coláiste Pobail, Rathcairn, Kevin Culhane, St Peter’s College, Dunboyne, Alex Casey, Beaufort College, Navan, Dean McAlister, O’Fiaich College, Dundalk, Caitlín Casey, Beaufort College, Eilis Nic Eibhearaird, Coláiste Pobail, Rathcairn, Nicola Bolton, Bush PP, Dundalk, Olivia Treanor, Bush PP, Aoife Coyne, St Peter’s College, Dunboyne, Jennifer Brown, Coláiste na hInse,  Laytown, Laura Byrne, Scoil Uí Mhuirí, Dunleer, Alannah Falvey, Ratoath College.

Back row (l to r); Eoin O’Shea, St Oliver PP, Oldcastle, Stephen Foley, Scoil Uí Mhuirí, Dunleer, Evan White, O’Carolan College, Nobber, John Shannon, Ratoath College, Killian Saccardo, Coláiste na hInse, Laytown, Daniel Danev, St. Oliver’s CC, Drogheda, ,  Jack Hickey, St. Fintina’s, Longwood, Sean Malone, Scoil Uí Mhuirí, Dunleer, Shannon Smith, Beaufort College.

The “LMETB Scholar” award was presented to the overall highest achiever in LMETB. Two students, Gavin Maher from Dunshaughlin Community College and Martin Sheilds from O’ Carolan College, Nobber received the maximum 625 points in their Leaving Certificate.

CEO Martin O’Brien who presided over the ceremony complimented the parents, the teachers, the school Principals and most of all the students themselves on their outstanding achievement.  He said that “results of this nature can only be achieved by the combination of hard work by students, exceptional teaching skills by teachers, support from family and active and visionary leadership by the outstanding school Principals who now lead the 20 schools of Louth and Meath Education and Training Board”.

Youthreach GroupDSC_0153

Coláiste na hInse, Laytown (l to r) Ian Gardiner Deputy Principal, Jennifer Brown, Faith Keegan and Killian Saccardo.


St. Fintina’s Post Primary School, Longwood (l to r) Cllr Oliver Tully LMETB Chairman,  Jack Hickey, Holly Kavanagh,   Thomas Stack, Principal.


Bush Post Primary School, Nicola Bolton, Olivia Treanor, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB, Kevin Joyce  Principal.   Absent from the photo: Kieron O’Connor.


VTOS Dundalk (l to r) Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB, Sadie Ward McDermot, Director of Further Education and Training , Zoltan Dobai, Sinead Fearon Community Education Facilitator, LMETB.





VTOS Navan, (l to r) Sadie Ward McDermot, Director of Further Education and Training, Martin Robinson, Margaret Deegan, VTOS Co Ordinator, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB.



Scoil Uí Mhuirí, Dunleer; (l to r) Sadie Ward McDermot, Director of Further Education and Training, LMETB,  Liz Lavery, Educational Leadership Officer, Sean Malone, Laura Byrne, Stephen Foley, Fiona Kindlon, Principal, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman  LMETB.   Absent from the photo:  Enda McKenna.



O’ Carolan College, Nobber (l to r)  Martin O’Brien, CEO LMETB, John Grant, Principal, Grace O’Reilly, Evan White, Helen Loftus, Deputy Principal,  Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman, LMETB DSC_0096


St. Oliver Post Primary School, Oldcastle (l to r) Martin O’Brien, CEO LMETB, Eoin O’Shea, Ciara Brown, Brendan Corcoran, Principal, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB.




Youthreach Dundalk, (l to r) Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB,       Margaret McDonnell ,  Lauren Rice, Sadie Ward McDermot, Director of Further Education and Training LMETB











Youthreach Drogheda, (l to r) Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB,      Saoirse Parry, Sadie Ward McDermot, Director of Further Education and Training LMETB.



Dunshaughlin Community College (l to r) Shane Foley, Principal, Martin O’ Brien, CEO LMETB,  Cian O’Donnell, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB, Aideen McCabe.










Beaufort College, Navan (l to r),  Damien O’Reilly, Wayne Harding, LMETB,   Caitlín Casey, Alex Casey, Shannon Smith, Angela Crowcock, Principal, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB.   Absent from the Photo: Aaron Coyle.



St. Oliver’s Community College, Drogheda (l to r) Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB, Daniel Danev, John Halpin, Principal.










St. Oliver’s Community College, Drogheda (l to r) Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB, Irene McDonnell, Una Kirk, Deputy Principal. Absent from the photo: Shannon Heasley.










O’ Fiaich College Dundalk (l to r) Martin O’Brien, CEO LMETB, Dean McAlister, Padraig McGovern, Principal, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB.   Absent from the photo:  Daniils Krutjko, Domingas Tucayana Micolo.










Colaiste Pobail, Rathcairn, (l to r) Wayne Harding LMETB, Ben Ó hEarchaí, Eilis Nic Eibhearaird, Macdara O’ Duillearga, Principal,  Damien O’Reilly, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB.









St. Peter’s College, Dunboye (l to r) Martin O’Brien, CEO LMETB, Damien O’Reilly, LMETB, Aoife Coyne,  Maureen Murray,  Principal,  Kevin Culhane, Ciara Ruane,  James Forrest, Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB.









Ratoath College (l to r) Cllr Oliver Tully, Chairman LMETB, John Shannon, Alannah Falvey, Oonagh Prendergast, Principal, Liz Lavery, Educational Leadership Officer LMETB.   Absent from the Photo:  Laura McDonnell.




















































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