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LMETB Strategic Goals and Actions: 2022-2026

Dec 3, 2021

The LMETB Board recently approved its strategic goals and actions for the next five years. These were developed following an on-line consultation with staff, learners, parent/guardian bodies, LMETB Board, Committees, Boards of Management, funders and other stakeholders.

Five strategic goals:

  1. Provide a High Quality Learner Experience
  2. Ensure Equity of Opportunity
  3. Promote innovation and collaboration
  4. Provide a High Quality Governance and Support Framework and
  5. Act Sustainably.

Each goal is underpinned by actions. These goals and actions will enable LMETB to further expand, develop, attract, retain and support staff of the highest calibre and enhance and improve the quality of education and training provided across the counties of Louth and Meath.

Click here to download the LMETB Strategic Goals and Actions: 2022-2026 PDF