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Information Note on Boliden (Tara Mines)

Jun 14, 2023

LMETB understands that this is a particularly challenging and uncertain time for workers and their families who are dealing with the extremely difficult news of temporary layoffs at Tara Mines. LMETB is acutely aware of the difficulty and disruption which the news will cause for employees, their families, ancillary enterprises and the wider community.

Boliden (Tara Mines) is a critical part of both the local and national economy and LMETB will be engaging with local management and other state agencies in a coordinated approach to offer practical supports, information and advisement.

LMETB will be a key part of the government response in providing guidance and information to impacted staff on training , upskilling and reskilling opportunities available.

LMETB’s Apprenticeship Officer team is committed to supporting affected apprentices. LMETB recognises the importance of Apprenticeship training and will be in touch with individual Apprentices.

LMETB Adult Educational Guidance Service are available to provide a personalised support to help navigate this time for affected workers. The Service can offer one-to-one career guidance to help assess skills, interests and career goals, and can assist with exploring career paths, identifying transferrable skills and creating a personalised development plan. Also available is job search support, including support in updating CVs and guidance in interview preparation. Contact details for LMETB Adult Educational Guidance Service are as follows:

FET Campus, Railway St Navan
Co. Meath, C15 X407
Tel: 1800 991 898
Email: [email protected]