Faughart Community National School Opens its Doors

August 30, 2018

Thursday 30th August 2018 was a special day for the young people of Faughart and the Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB) as Faughart Community National School opened its doors to welcome its pupils for the 2018/2019 academic year.

In July 2018, the Minister for Education and Skills, Mr. Richard Bruton, announced that a Community National School would open, under the patronage of LMETB, in time for September on the site of the former Scoil Naisiunta Bhríghde, Faughart. On Thursday last pupils of the school and their parents/ guardians were welcomed by Principal, Ms. Jacqui Mc Cusker and teaching staff Mr. Andreu D’Arcy and Ms. Saoirse Mc Dermott.

Pictured are Director of Schools in LMETB, Ms Fiona Kidlon, Principal, Ms. Jacqui Mc Cusker and teaching staff Mr. Andreu D’Arcy and Ms. Saoirse Mc Dermott alongside the students of Faughart CNS at a flag raising ceremony.

Faughart Community National School (Faughart CNS) will be a multi – denominational, co –educational primary school which will accept students of all faiths and of none. The medium of instruction at the school will be English. The vision for Faughart CNS is of a welcoming, diverse and dynamic school that provides a quality learning experience with the learner as core.

Students at Faughart CNS will feel a sense of belonging and will develop a love of learning through a positive and happy school experience. Students will be motivated and provided with opportunities to become active and responsible participants in their own learning. The school community will work with all partners and stakeholders to prepare knowledgeable and socially responsible citizens for the future.

Faughart CNS will provide the Department of Education and Skills Primary School Curriculum (1999) The Primary School Curriculum (1999) aims to: develop each child’s potential to the full, encourage a love of learning and help children develop skills they will use all their lives.

The curriculum on offer at Faughart CNS will be implemented utilising a diverse range of active teaching, learning and assessment methodologies which will be differentiated to meet the needs of students. Opportunities to bring the curriculum to life will be provided within the classroom and in provision of a broad and diverse range of co-curricular and extra – curricular activities.
Over the past few weeks, LMETB have been busy carrying out a range of upgrading works at the school which were co-ordinated and managed by the LMETB Director of Schools, Ms. Fiona Kindlon. Ms. Kindlon stated that this was a very special day for the children attending Faughart CNS and she wished them well for the academic year 2018/2019. Ms. Kindlon also outlined that LMETB were delighted with the great interest in the role of Principal Teacher and Teaching Staff for the school and she was very much looking forward to working with the extremely competent and capable staff team who were appointed to the school.

Pictured are Principal, Ms. Jacqui Mc Cusker and teaching staff Mr. Andreu D’Arcy and Ms. Saoirse Mc Dermott.

In her role as Director of Schools, Ms. Kindlon has responsibility for all schools/colleges in LMETB and she works directly in overseeing Leadership of Teaching and Learning, Governance and Management, Workforce planning and performance management and Co-ordination of the ETB’ Schools Team which comprises 54 Principals and Deputies, over 12,000 students and 2,000 staff.

Chief Executive of LMETB, Mr. Martin G. O’ Brien stated that he was delighted to open this the first Community National School in Co. Louth. Mr. O’ Brien explained that LMETB is the largest comprehensive educational provider in the Louth and Meath region with a range of educational services from primary to post primary and further education and training.

LMETB currently manages one Community National Schools, a Centre for European Schooling, sixteen post primary schools including two schools with Post Leaving Certificate provision and two Post Leaving Certificate colleges. LMETB is also joint patron of six Community Schools located in Ardee, Ashbourne, Athboy, Drogheda, Kells and Trim. Mr. O’ Brien described Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB) as being committed to excellence and innovation in the education of young people and adults through the provision of dynamic services delivered by professional staff and he outlined that as Chief Executive together with the Director of Schools, Ms. Fiona Kindlon he looked forward to working with the students, management, staff, Board of Management, parents/guardians and the local community in developing Faughart CNS to continue to meet the needs of students in Faughart and the surrounding areas both now and into the future.

Click here to listen back to a Podcast where Fiona Kindlon, Director of Schools is interviewed about the opening of Faughart CNS.

Further queries on Faughart CNS should be directed to faughartcns@lmetb.ie  

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