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Dundalk’s Coláiste Chú Chulainn turn heads with 26-medal haul at north-Leinster track and field athletics finals

May 2, 2023

Dundalk’s Coláiste Chú Chulainn turned heads at the north-Leinster track and field athletics finals in Tullamore on Wednesday, April 26. 

The 60-student team competed in a broad range of events after spending the winter training under Mr Conor Durnin ,Ms Deirdre Dunford and Mr Simon Nicks. They took the podium 17 times, including in three relay races. This means the local school carried a haul of 26 medals home to delighted family and friends. 

Mr Conor Durnin said: “60 students left Dundal at 7am. We had entrants in many events such as shot put, javelin, discus, pole vault, triple jump, high jump and many track races. Some were new events for our school. This is testament to the targeted training and broad range of expertise amongst students and staff. Many students transferred their skills from their martial arts, gym clubs, basketball and swimming activities to a new set of events. 

“We will now be represented in 13 event in the Leinster finals and who knows, we may be in the All-Ireland finals in June.”




Minor boys’ 80m: Fikayo Oluajo (gold), Goodluck Kamgba (bronze); minor boys’ high jump (gold): Nelson Akubuko; minor boys’ 4x100m relay (gold): Fikayo Oluajo, Goodluck Kamgba, Nelson Akubuko, Tishe Abuede; junior boys’ triple jump (gold): Success Joshua; junior boys’ pole vault (silver): Jonathan Gibson; intermediate boys’ 4x100m relay (bronze): Fahd Monney, Gerard Chikodzera, James Obisan, Frank Obi; intermediate boys’ 100m (bronze): James Obisan; senior boys’ shot put (silver): Gytis Kuckailis; senior boys’ 100m (bronze): Emmanuel Ojo; senior boys’ javelin: Darragh Quinn (silver), Lochlann Mattison (bronze); senior boys’ discus (silver): Dan Maruhin; senior boys’ 4x100m relay (silver): Emmanuel Ojo, Cheta Obiefuma, Jakub Kachel, Joshua Ubaezuonu; junior girls’ triple jump: Cara Miele; junior girls’ high jump: Cara Miele; intermediate girls’ shot put (bronze): Josephine Fagbemi; intermediate girls’ discus (silver): Josephine Fagbemi.