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Drogheda Women and Children’s Refuge launches the courAGEus Project

Nov 15, 2023

The courAGEus Project: Empowering Youth, Ending Violence

Drogheda Women and Children’s Refuge (DWCR) says is excited to announce the official launch of the courAGEus Project, an empowering initiative designed to address domestic and sexual violence among youth.

With a focus on fostering awareness, building resilience, and creating positive change, the courAGEus Project aims to equip young people in schools and communities with the knowledge and tools to recognise, prevent, and combat violence.

The initiative comes in response to the pressing need for proactive measures to address domestic and sexual violence issues affecting young individuals.

Through a series of interactive workshops, the courAGEus Project seeks to enhance young people’s understanding of these critical issues, identify red flags in unhealthy relationships, and empower them to support and influence their peers positively.

The interactive workshops, facilitated by DWCR, will cover essential topics including:

  • The root causes and impact of Domestic and Sexual Gender-Based Violence (DSGBV)
  • Recognising red flags as indicators of abuse
  • Laws in place to address abuse
  • Building self-esteem and fostering positive relationships
  • Seeking support for oneself or a friend experiencing abuse

Susan Keogh, CEO of DWCR, expressed gratitude for the generous funding support from the Drogheda Implementation Board, LMETB, and the Department of Justice. “This initiative builds on our Education and Awareness program and has been made possible through the collaborative efforts and support of our valued partners,” said Susan Keogh.

She emphasised that the project is not just a short-term solution but aims to have a lasting impact, extending its reach to young people across the county well into 2024.

The courAGEus Project is a testament to DWCR’s commitment to creating a safer and more informed community by empowering the youth to be agents of positive change.

As the project unfolds, DWCR envisions a future where young individuals are not only aware of the issues surrounding domestic and sexual violence but are also actively engaged in fostering healthy relationships and supporting one another.

The launch takes place on Friday Nov. 17th from 9am to 10am at the Boomerang Youth Café, 62 Fair Street, Drogheda, A92HX40. For more information about the courAGEus Project and DWCR’s initiatives, please contact  outreachsu[email protected] or visit

About Drogheda Women and Children’s Refuge: Drogheda Women and Children’s Refuge is a dedicated organisation committed to providing support, education, and resources to those affected by domestic and sexual violence.

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