Nuacht is Déanaí

Implementation of the Geiran Report – “Creating a bridge to a better future”

Oct 18, 2021

  1. Nominees to the Implementation Board were sought by the Department of Justice and, once received, the inaugural meeting of the Implementation Board was held on the 13th of October at the Boomerang Café in Drogheda. A minute of the meeting will be published following approval at its next meeting by the Implementation Board. The Minister for Justice, Ms Heather Humphreys, T.D., indicated her strong support and the support of her Cabinet colleagues for the work of the Board into the future. The Chair has also advised the Implementation Board that meetings to brief local members of the houses of the Oireachtas, and also the Mayor of Drogheda, will continue during the life of the Board.

  2. At the inaugural meeting the terms of reference were agreed and the establishment of the four sub committees proposed in the implementation plan were also agreed. A vice chair was also appointed by the Implementation Board. Individual members of the implementation board undertook to set up the sub committees as soon as possible and to seek representations from relevant bodies, in particular local voluntary and community groups, where appropriate.

  3. Each of the sub-committees will report to the Implementation Board at its next meeting in November. Meetings of the Board will be monthly unless more regular meeting are needed to progress the items in the plan.

  4. Progress on the actions scheduled in the action plan for 2021 was discussed. It was noted in particular that Budget 2022 provided for the establishment of a €2 million Community Safety Fund and that details of how this will operate will be published by the Department of Justice.

  5. Recruitment of the Co-ordinator post is almost complete. An offer to a candidate was made on the 13th of September which was declined by the candidate. A second competition was immediately arranged and interviews are scheduled for the 28th of October. It is hoped that an offer will be accepted following completion of the current recruitment process. Pending recruitment of the co-ordinator the support to the Board is being provided by the Directorate of Organisation Support and Development. A number of potential locations to house the co-ordinator are also being explored. “