Nuacht is Déanaí

Drogheda Adult Learning Service celebrates its successful summer programme

Aug 24, 2023

As summer approached, Louth and Meath Education and Training Board’s (LMETB) Adult Learning Service in King Street Drogheda took the initiative to organise a dynamic English language summer programme. With the aim of enhancing oral communication skills while making language learning enjoyable, this 4-week programme attracted 220 learners from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. From complete beginners to advanced learners, everyone found something to pique their interest and engage with the language.

A Multifaceted Language Learning Experience:

The 4-week English language summer programme at LMETB offered a diverse range of classes to cater to the varying needs and preferences of the learners. Language classes served as the foundation, providing essential linguistic skills to communicate effectively. For those looking for a creative outlet, crochet and sewing classes enabled learners to express themselves artistically while practicing English conversational skills with their peers.

Embracing Technology:

Recognising the significance of digital literacy in today’s world, the summer programme incorporated computer classes. Participants had the opportunity to hone their computer skills and expand their language abilities while navigating the digital landscape.  Some of the more advanced learners completed an ICDL module during the programme.

An Artistic and Expressive Touch:

Incorporating the power of music, the programme featured a choir class, where learners discovered the joy of singing and expressing themselves through the universal language of music.

Enhancing Job Seeking Skills and Cultural Traditions:

Recognising the importance of workforce readiness, workshops on Job Seeking Skills provided learners with essential tools and knowledge to navigate the job market confidently.

Additionally, the programme celebrated Ireland’s rich cultural heritage with workshops on Irish dancing, enabling learners to connect with local customs and traditions.

Informal Conversation Group:

One of the highlights of the programme was the creation of an informal conversation group. Over cups of coffee and board games, learners immersed themselves in English conversation, further building their fluency and confidence in using the language in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

A Mosaic of Nationalities:

The success of the summer programme can be attributed to the diversity of its attendees. Learners from various countries and backgrounds came together, fostering an inclusive environment where cultural exchange was celebrated and embraced. Integration was seamless, as learners interacted and learned from each other while discovering the beauty of multiculturalism.

LMETB’s Adult Learning Service in King Street Drogheda delivered a fantastic English language summer programme. With its holistic approach, catering to both language development and personal interests, learners found the perfect balance between learning and having fun. The programme’s resounding success is a testament to the power of effective and enjoyable language education, paving the way for future initiatives to inspire and empower language learners in the community.