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EXPLORE is a Regional Skills initiative developed to help address the issue of Ireland’s low level of participation in lifelong learning, particularly targeting persons over 35 years of age in manufacturing employment. Working in collaboration with LMETB a programme has been devised to address the following:

Initiatives objective:

Address the lack of digital skills in this cohort

Provide a novel approach to overcome barriers to participation in lifelong learning

Address the key issue of skills obsolescence which is a significant concern for employers

Showcase the benefits of collaboration between local Education and Training Providers and Industry.

EXPLORE is an innovative fully funded flexible initiative, offering an opportunity to boost employee’s digital skills, adaptability and productivity.


Teaches Digital Skills

Explore opportunities for skills enhancement

Explore improved health & wellbeing in the workplace

Drives Production Efficiencies

Backed by Business

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Skills for Work Programme

Skills for Work is an award winning national programme aimed at providing training opportunities to help employees deal with the basic skills demands of the workplace. The initiative is funded by the Irish Government under the Department of Education and Skills, and delivered by the newly formed Education & Training Boards (ETB) across the country.

What is Skills for Work?

  • A SFW programme may include a variety of subjects which support the educational needs of the employee.
  • The programme is offered on company premises where possible, the local ETB Adult Education Centre, or an alternative convenient location.
  • A SFW programme is designed and delivered in a flexible and adaptable way to meet the needs of the employer and employee.
  • Programmes are of 35 hours duration
  • Sessions are usually 2 – 3 hours long and can be arranged for mornings, afternoons or evenings
  • Participants may be released from work to participate in SFW programmes.
  • Most offer free nationally recognised certification.
  • There are no tuition fees.

 Aims of the Skills for Work Programme

  • Promote an ethos of lifelong learning in the workplace
  • Contribute towards the creation of a well-educated and highly skilled workforce
  • Raise the competency level of employees with low levels of educational qualifications
  • Develop initiatives to enhance employees communication and basic IT skills
  • Enable employees to cope with frequent and ongoing changes in work practices

Examples of companies that have availed of Skills for Work:

Abbott, An Post, BD Medical, Boots, Cadbury, Dunnes Stores, Eddie Rockets, Glanbia,


Through our Regional Skills and Training Centre we provide services relating to apprenticeships across all registered trades.

Our services in the field of apprenticeships involves

  • Assessing new employers with regards to their suitability to register apprentices and the requirements and obligations of this.
  • Assisting employers in the registration process after apprentices are recruited.
  • Monitoring apprentice progress in company and college/training centre block release.
  • Assist with apprentices who change employers, are made redundant, leave and return to apprenticeship, and also assist apprentices who are struggling to pass examinations with extra supports.
  • Informing employers on changes to existing apprenticeships, new apprenticeship trades being introduced and new developing trades to meet technological changes requiring new emerging skill sets.
  • Final completion certification and arrangement of award ceremonies.

Irish Rail, ISS Facility Services, McDonalds, Noonan, Pennys, Pfizer, Spar & Tesco

Positive 2 Work Scheme

LMETB has in partnership with, the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and local employers developed tailored courses/programmes which enable the identification and upskilling /partnering of persons who are currently on the live register with local companies who may be preparing to increase their work force. This award winning programme, enables employers to afford in company work placement to participant’s, supported by both in company mentors and LMETB guidance staff.

The Educational/Training element of the course can be tailored to meet the requirements of specific employers. Horseware in Dundalk availed of this opportunity to recruit new staff and said “we were delighted to work in partnership with LMETB, Skillnet & DSP”.

Specifically Tailored Education and Training Courses/ Programmes

As a quality assured provider of both education and training services LMETB is very well placed to provide tailored programmes for local employers to enable employees to be upskilled or reskilled so as to better equip them for the ever changing needs of our growing economy.

Some recent examples of training designed around employer’s needs are in the areas of:

  • Bus and Coach Driving
  • Call Centre training
  • Retail
  • Engineering

Employee Mentor Training Programme

Supporting Employees to become ‘Workplace Mentors’

This is a half day work shop/programme, offered by LMETB to individuals in a work-place preparing to receive and oversee learners for a period of work-experience. Training format is instructor led and uses scenarios, group discussion and video clips.

Topics addressed

  • Why Work Experience
  • How we learn
  • The stakeholders
  • Role of the Mentor
  • Expected benefits/outcomes
  • Issues which may arise
  • Communication structures
  • Evaluation models

Work Experience Candidates

LMETB’s Further Education & Training section provides many courses at Level 2 to Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications. Many of these programmes have a work experience component/ module. LMETB can provide work experience candidates with a wide variety of skills and knowledge who can be matched to the skills needs of a company.

Why provide Work Experience?

  • Providing work experience to young people/adults, enables the practical application of skills learned in the classroom. This ensures more employment ready graduates which will benefit the economy locally and nationally.
  • Work experience enables employers, who are considering expanding the work force, to see first-hand, on the job, the tremendously skilled learners who are graduating from LMETB courses.
  • Work experience enables companies to give practical application to their corporate social responsibility.

Additional Education & Training Options

View the ‘Services to Business’ brochure here

If you would like further information on any of the programmes/opportunities referred to please contact:

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