VTOS Dundalk

VTOS Dundalk offers free, second chance education and training for eligible adults.  It offers full -time courses which help learners to prepare for employment or Further/Higher Education.   Learners can gain certification at QQI Levels 3 and 4 or Leaving Certificate and retain their social welfare entitlements while on the course.


What courses are available?

Courses available for 2019/20 academic year are as follows:

Name of course Daily Start Time Daily Finish Time 
Return to Learning QQI Level 3 9am 1.10pm
Basic Skills in IT QQI Level 3 9am 1.10pm
Skills for Employment QQI Level 4 9am 2.30pm
Skills for Retail QQI Level 4 9am 2.30pm
Leaving Certificate for Adults 9am 3.30pm
  • Courses start in September 2019 and finish in June 2020. Applications may be accepted after the start date.
  • Attendance is required from Monday to Friday
  • Full school holidays are available at mid-term, Easter, Christmas and Summer


What subjects are available?




Where do the courses take place?

Further Education and Training (FET) Centre


Chapel St




Contact details

Phone Sinéad Fearon on 042 936 4627 or text on 087 7868881

  • Email sfearon@lmetb.ie
  • Facebook @VTOS Dundalk