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Welcome to the LMETB Further Education Service

Louth & Meath Education and Training Board Further Education service provides an extensive range of educational and training opportunities, both part time and full time to the adult population of counties Louth and Meath. Programmes/Courses have been designed to afford flexible, inclusive learning opportunities, located in venues throughout the LMETB region.

Who are further and adult education courses/programmes for?

Courses/programmes are designed to meet the many and varying needs of adults who choose to return to education/training, these include:


Adults interested in partaking in course/programmes as a hobby/leisure time activity.
Adults returning to education/ training having left school early who want to improve reading, writing, ICT skills and personal/interpersonal skills.
Adults who would like to enhance and improve their knowledge, skill and competencies so as to enable them to play a more active role in their homes and local community.
Persons who want to build upon and enhance existing educational qualifications.
Persons who are seeking opportunities to upskill/retrain so as to be in an improved position to take advantage of new employment opportunities (both voluntary and paid)
Adults seeking to attain formal accredited qualifications in dedicated career disciplines.
Adults seeking the opportunity to work towards the attainment of educational qualifications and competencies needed when applying to follow a course of recognised study at a university/Institute of Technology.


Courses are for adults who are not engaged in second level education above 16 years, there is no upper age limit.

Who delivers the courses/programmes?

LMETB courses/programmes are managed by a highly qualified, experienced team of Programme coordinators and college Principals.

Staffs delivering courses/programmes are qualified, subject specialists, experts in their field. Working with an extensive support team, LMETB strive to ensure that the experience of each adult attending a course/programme is enjoyable, enriching and personally rewarding.

Where are the courses held?

Courses/programmes are delivered in venues located in towns/villages and rural communities throughout the LMETB region. Many of our courses/programmes are delivered in purpose built colleges of further education and Adult education campuses which are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the adult learner. Facilities include high spec educational and training facilities, with state of the art specialist equipment and ICT technologies.

Programme/Course group – group/class size?

Courses/programmes are planned and designed by the Further education management team, to be reflective and responsive to the needs of the communities of Louth and Meath. Programme/course group size will vary and is designed and structured to ensure the optimum attainment of each learner’s personal goals /targets are enabled. In specific aspects of service provision, learners may have the opportunity to work on a one to one basis, moving to a small group at a time which is agreeable and appropriate to ensure the timely attainment of personal /educational/training goals.

What type or levels of Qualifications are available?

LMETB have designed courses/programmes to ensure that every opportunity to attain certification is afforded to each adult participant. Courses offer certification at QQI levels.  (Refer to courses/programme listings for specific details). Other certification opportunities include: DES Junior and leaving certificate. Industry standard certification aligned to a significant number of our courses/programmes ensures that courses maintain an excellent standard in innovation and cutting edge technologies.

Course type and Length

LMETB offer courses/programmes which are reflective of the varying and disparate needs of the broad community we serve. To this end we offer courses at times and of durations to meet as many of these needs as possible.

Courses/programmes are quality assured and reviewed and revised on an on-going basis to ensure relevance to the employment market and the individual needs of the participants. Courses are available on either a Part time or Full time basis, during the day; evening and or weekends. Blended learning opportunities are available. The number of hours per week will vary dependent on the needs of both the participant group and the requirements of the certification authority. (Refer to advertised course details)

The array of different subject options available ensures that there is something to suit the needs of all potential participants. Disciplines include, Humanities /General education, ICT, Health and Social care, Business and Administration, Art/Craft and design technologies, Applied sciences, Sports and Leisure and ICT, to name but a few.

Part time courses are available in Education centres and also in local community settings.

Full time courses are located in Colleges/Education campuses which provide the necessary specialist equipment/facilities to ensure attainment of course requirements.

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Further Education and Training or FET, offers a wide variety of life-long education options to anyone over 18. FET includes apprenticeships, traineeships, Post Leaving Cert (PLC) courses, community and adult education as well as basic literacy and numeracy services. FET courses and programmes are provided through the Education and Training Board network throughout the country as well as through other local providers including online through SOLAS’ eCollege. FET courses are provided at levels one to six on the National Qualifications Framework.

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How do I find out more information?

LMETB is the leading provider of Adult, continuing and Further education courses and programmes in the North East. In 2014, in excess of 13,000 adults will participate in courses and programmes. If you, or someone you know, would like to find out more about any of the opportunities available to upskill, gain new competencies and enhance existing educational qualifications, don’t hesitate, contact us, we will be pleased to explore the opportunities which might best suit your needs.

For adults who are considering commencing a course/programme, but are unsure what course might suit their needs or personal goals, contact:


Further Education & Training
County Hall,
Railway Street,
Co Meath

C15 AW81
: 046 9010064


Continuing Education Centre
King Street,
Co Louth
: 041 9842030


Continuing Education Centre
Chapel St,
Co. Louth
: 042 9334047


Details on all PLC courses are available by contacting the respective Colleges of Further Education in your region.

Details of all Part time evening courses are available on the LMETB website or by contacting your local LMETB School /college.

LMETB Complaint Procedure

Click Here to access the procedure for processing complaints made by Parents/Guardians of Students or Adult learner(s) currently enrolled in an LMETB School/Centre against a Staff Member employed by LMETB

Information Booklet on Post Schools Options for Adults and School Leavers with Disabilities in Education and Training

This was prepared in co-operation with a range of Providers and Agencies, including the National Disability Authority in the context of  a mapping exercise at national level.

The on line booklet contains summary information about the relevant programmes and supports in the areas of Higher Education, Further Education and Training, HSE Rehabilitative Training and Adult Day Services.  It provides an overview of the relevant sectors.

Download a copy of this booklet here

I and the staff of LMETB look forward to meeting you at one of our many enrolment /open days.

Sadie Ward McDermott

Director of Further Education LMETB