Quality Assurance Development

LMETB is committed to developing its new quality assurance policies and procedures in line with its strategic goals and priorities as outlined in its Statement of Strategy.  See link below for LMETB Statement of Strategy.

Those strategic goals are:

  1. To promote active inclusion and access to high quality teaching, learning and assessment for all students/learners in LMETB
  2. To enhance communications across LMETB and to further develop the capacity of LMETB staff to provide responsive, high quality programmes and services
  3. To ensure continued provision of high quality and innovative teaching and learning in LMETB Schools & Colleges
  4. To support the development and expansion of the Further Education and Training Section of LMETB
  5. To strengthen and develop LMETB organisation systems
  6. To develop LMETB Buildings, Facilities & Infrastructure
  7. To further develop strategic partnerships and to promote the LMETB brand within the communities of Louth and Meath

LMETB will establish a Common QA Framework comprising a QA Subcommittee which will review and evaluate 5 existing QA agreements, consolidating into an overarching set of procedures in the context of the new QQI statutory QA guidelines. The development of a comprehensive suite of common quality assurance policies and procedures for the amalgamated ETB will be a long-term project; LMETB has already initiated this.

LMETB intends to review its organisational structure with a view to implementing a multi-layered governance structure to ensure consistent governance oversight across all LMETB FET centres. This review will take account of existing structures; enhancing, extending and integrating these systems to address gaps to support the ETB governance needs.

LMETB is planning to develop new quality assurance policies and procedures, which will be common to all of its centres.

See links below for an overview of how LMETB intends to address the process of development of its QA policies and procedures in the 11 Quality Assurance areas.

As new common policies and procedures are developed and approved by the appropriate governance structure, they will be published on this page, and will supersede the existing individual policies and procedures which are currently available in each centre.

LMETB Strategy Statement 2017 – 2021

LMETB Developing Quality Assurance Procedures