LMETB Procurement

Public Procurement is the buying of goods, services and works by government departments and other statutory bodies including ETBs in accordance with procurement rules and regulations.

The aim is:

  • Obtaining best value-for-money in procuring the goods, services and works it needs.
  • Compliance with public procurement rules and regulations and internal purchasing procedures.

Centralised Tendering and Procurement Frameworks

It is Government policy that public bodies, where possible, should make use of central procurement frameworks and contracts that are put in place by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP).  These central procurement frameworks and contracts are designed to optimise benefits to the public service through the strategic aggregation of its buying power.

Central procurement frameworks currently in place nationally.

Schedule of Frameworks and Contracts – Quarter 3 2016

Where there is no Framework established by the OGP, LMETB may set up their own tender competition for goods/services.

Current Tender Competitions



  1. Participation on National frameworks: All national OGP frameworks are advertised on e-tenders http://www.etenders.gov.ie and so as a supplier you need to register on the e-tenders website and you will automatically receive notifications by email of relevant tender opportunities.


  1. Participation on LMETB Tender Competitions: All contracts / frameworks that are over €25,000 for goods and services and €50,000 for works are advertised on eTenders and a link to this notice is advertised on our own website. Therefore, registering as a supplier on eTenders is a must.

Public Contracts Awarded

LMETB Procurement Policies and Procedures will be available shortly.

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